At Harrah Church we believe that saved people serve people. In the Summer of 2011 Harrah Church began a partnership with the village of Wera, Uganda designed to bring aid to orphans, build the infrastructure of the community, and feed the malnourished. Since that partnership began the people of Harrah Church have adopted more 130 orphans in the village and take several trips a year to work in the village. Our work in the village consists of construction projects, water wells, educational activities, distributing mosquito nets and Bible School activities.

How can you get involved?

  • Pray for the work that is being done in Wera through Harrah Church and Children’s Hope Chest.
  • Adopt an orphan from the village of Wera through Children’s Hope Chest
  • Join a mission team traveling to Wera to minister in the village
  • Raise support for the team, it’s members and the work they are doing

Contact Richard and Janice Manlove for information on any of our projects.